Château Landreau

Côtes de Bourg

Château Landreau
Château Landreau

Located on the first watershed of the Côtes de Bourg, Château Landreau was acquired by the Bayle-Carreau family in 1995. The vineyard ceased to produce wine for 30 years following the frost of 1956. Now an Ancient Carriage Museum, we renovated Château Landreau and restored its original function thanks to a modern winery equipped with the best winemaking equipment. 

The soil consists of clay and red gravel. The vineyard has excellent south-west facing sun exposure and broken topography, and has all the features necessary for producing wines of exceptional quality. The château affords a view of the Gironde Estuary, as well as Bordeaux’s left bank. 

The main grape variety, Merlot, is totally suited to the soil. Respectful of the environment, we cultivate vines at Château Landreau according to the principles of sustainable viticulture. 

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Tasting notes:

Tasting notes:
Tasting notes:

With a typical « Côtes de Bourg » bouquet, Château Landreau gathers fruity notes, fineness, roundness and a tannic structure. The Merlot typicity confers slightly chocolate- flavoured black cherry notes. With the passing years, Château Landreau may well become one of the Côtes de Bourg's greatest estates. 

An immensely attractive wine, Château Landreau is perfect with game, red meat and strong cheeses. It also goes surprisingly well with spicy food.

Technical information:
Area under vine:

  • 34.6 acres

Grape varieties:

  • Merlots : 85%
  • Cabernet-Sauvignon : 15%


  • 12 months in oak barrels